An Illuminating Philosophy
WoodForm lights were created to be effective, aesthetic, outdoor accent illumination.  Most of these lights were not designed to produce high level lumen output or broad area coverage.  Rather they are a low level, low profile group of fixtures providing soft and sensitive illumination.  This philosophy is based upon the recognition that in most landscape applications it is not the quantity of light that is important, but the placement of the fixtures which produces the desired effect.
Path edge lighting, walkway delineation and most garden and landscape illumination requires very little light output to remain effective for the use intended.  And, often the use of less than maximum wattage lamps is preferred for creating subtle sculptural effects and for defining point-to-point illuminated markers along footpaths, driveways and trails.
A Brief History
WoodForm was the originator and is the acknowledged quality leader in contemporary wood outdoor lighting fixtures.  During the past 25 years WoodForm's have been put into service in North and South America, Hawaii, Japan, Europe and throughout the world.
Copies of WoodForms have abounded, both by other lighting manufacturers and regional woodworkers.  None compare to the demanding quality standards employed at WoodForm.   Beware of imitations.
WoodForm outdoor lighting fixtures are manufactured from first-quality kiln-dried, laminated, clear all-heart California redwood.   State-of-the-art lamination techniques, careful hand-joinery, precise fabrication and meticulous hand finishing result in the highest quality wood landscape lighting available in the world today.
Although redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to the attack of insects or decay, all WoodForm fixtures destined for outdoor use are additionally factory treated with a water-repellent preservative to minimize the effects of moisture on the wood.
Redwood will weather from its original warm-brown colors to a pleasant gray tone after prolonged exposure to the elements.  To avoid this change in color, fixtures can be easily stained prior to or after installation to produce a uniform hue or to match and existing color.  Staining or painting applications should follow the procedures recommended by the manufacturer for kiln-dried wood used in outdoor situations.
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