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Architectural Trusses

CAD/CAM design for timber truss

3 dimensional CAD rendering
The custom program can show you
a 3 dimensional model of exactly
what the finished truss will look like.
 Picture of Bus Depot ceiling with architectural truss

 Give us your architects' specifications or your own idea and we can fabricate a truss to meet your needs. We will use the material of your choice depending on the look you desire, whether it's rustic or finished, exposed structural or decorative:

  • Precision custom-crafted
  • Create an eye catching entryway or porte-cochere
  • Available in Glue Laminated, round stock and timber
  • Many species and grades available including Douglas Fir and Cedar
  • Metalwork in design limited only by your imagination
  • Only the finest materials used in each truss whether interior or exterior
  • Create one of a kind detail to any standard truss by adding curved timbers or glulams
  • Gable end timber trusses can be customized with decorative rafter tails
  • Add an exposed architectural truss to the exterior of your home for added curb appeal
  Architectural Trusses-- We can fabricate trusses of various designs and styles depending on your needs. Let us help you create the finished look and feel you desire by adding an architectural truss to your residential, commercial or industrial project.
  Picture of Residence with Timberwork timber truss installed
  Picture of Adidas outlet store with timber truss installed

Workers installing custom timber truss

Picture of Bus Depot ceiling with timber truss



WoodForm Outdoor Lighting

 WoodForm Outdoor Lighting

Bridges and custom timber fabrication


Lumber and timber treatment

Lumber & Treating

Round Stock Utility Poles and Custom Light Poles

 Round Stock Utility & Custom Poles


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