We can provide the materials for your bridge project.
Fabricated rounds
Traveling bandsaw cut, lathe-turned rounds (Up to 40" diameter capability
Crane mats in various sizes are available

We excel in specialty fabrication Timberwork can custom mill to your specifications, and we are always happy to provide a quote. Our material is finest select Douglas fir, pine and cedar, and we are set up to mill up to 40" diameter stock. No other company has the capabilities, raw inventory and experience that Timberwork offers.

We can fabricate loading ramps and wedges of various sizes.


Our milling and fabrication capabilities include glue laminated beams with precise corbel end cuts.

 Picnic Tables to USFS specs
 Guard rail, treated and slabbed

22" diameter natural taper Douglas fir column with wire-brushed finish

Timberwork Precision Fabricated Wood Products

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